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Your data nightmares are over. If you want to protect personal data from predators or if you sent photos to someone by mistake, with Tooly®, you will be able to delete that information from any public domain. Once you have “Tooly® Blocked”, no one will be able to Save As, share, or store any information or photos you don’t want saved, shared, or stored.

Tooly®‘s unique algorithms protects your ownership, no matter what. Photos shot from your iPhone, smartphone, your camera, or photos and information uploads from your laptop or PC is processed by Tooly’s unique software. Your Tooly® app can block any shared photo instantly, anywhere.

Photographers will no longer hang in the balance waiting for payment. If a client has an outstanding balance, you can simply go in and block wherever your work is displayed and block the image. Doctor’s deal with confidential information all the time and if it is leaked, can be retrieved from the destination securely and quickly.

The list of Tooly® benefits is endless. From parental control to corporate business suites, Tooly® will continue to create innovative software that is easy to use, practical, high functioning and vital to everyday life, work, and play.

Tbiz® Suite

Tbiz® is a corporate business suite that adds powerful advanced functionality to corporate operating systems with bold new monitoring and tracking technology. Deeper integration gives companies the tools for authenticating and preventing data leaks through watermarking, sealing all weak links connected to
email attachments, pasted text or embedded images, and encryption. Tbiz® has unlocked the capability to digitally sign and protect documents, images, and databases.

Extremely powerful and ecomomical.

Tooly® is unique and innovative in every way. “You’re Data, Your Choice”. Although it is unlike any program
ever made, we wanted interacting with it to be as easy and intuitive.

Why Tooly®?

We expect the first generation Tooly® software and phone app to be well received and its capabilities to continue to expand. It works great and is easy to set up. Since Tooly® is a new technology, using it will be a whole new experience. Based on targeted focus groups and your feedback, the Tooly® vision is clear. We want to make online sharing more useful to everyone by giving you more control over your personal social media presence.

Tooly ® Solutions Plans

More personal. More control. Tooly® wants as many people as possible to enjoy the freedom of solving photo op issues. The technology is designed to assist you with features that are simple to use. Future development plans will include functionality for people with disabilities that will allow easy access via special settings.



We envision the application as a generic route that will incorporate into Cloud services, Avast, AVG, Ad-Aware, ISP’s, SDK for web/mobile development, central service through API.



Ruben Drong
Program Developer


Program Designer



With all online/offline locations protected the Tooly®Solutions program will support any web based platform. It will not be affected by web-platform modifications and no additional storage is needed.





What is Tooly®?

Tooly® is an easy to use application that allows you to delete your shared photos and data anonymously. That’s right, you are in complete control. Tooly® integrates with all existing platforms, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, to name a few so you don’t have to step outside of your comfort zone.

It doesn't force people to change their posting habits; you can still enjoy the spontaneity of taking a selfie, girls’ night out, a Vegas trip or sharing what’s on your mind at the moment; with an added bonus. If you get second thoughts about what’s posted, you can do something about it. Tooly® saves you time. With it you can remove any photo taken or post, with a touch or click, without searching every platform and site for it.

How does Tooly® work?

It's quick and easy. Simply upload your photos to any social media site such as Facebook, Instagram, or Google+. Set a default expiration or specific expiration date per upload and let Tooly® do the rest. The item will be blocked and removed without a trace.

How is Tooly different than other data encryption services?

Tooly® is the only service that integrates into existing platforms which enables you to keep using the same application all the time as Tooly® works behind the scenes.

Other programs require you use a completely new app or service that forces you to do one of two things:

  1. Login to every platform and site you ever posted to, search for the content, and delete consecutively.
  2. Get rid of your favorite apps, such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Twitter to download a separate one. If it isn’t trending, you will be isolated with no one to share with.

Tooly® is different and unique. It enhances your existing apps and services. Post and share as usual, while Tooly® works its magic.

How So?

Tooly® has developed a technology that anonymously embeds ID data into each piece of data using a unique patented source code encryption. Viewers can only see the original photo as long it hasn’t been “Blocked By Tooly®”.

Why should I get Tooly®?

With Tooly® privacy is even more customizable. You will be in control. Tooly® helps prevent situations like:

  1. Locating your photography being used without permission.
  2. Photos shared without your knowledge.
  3. Misuse of your image and likeness for profit.
  4. Embarrassing photos.
  5. Remove photos from shared albums.

Tooly® advantages:

  • Job Hunting - online profile is clean and tidy.
  • Promote Your Business –your business image remains constant.
  • Privacy – Your data, your choice.
  • Profiling – makes it harder for marketers
  • Track how many views you receive and your peak time of day.
  • Get notification when photo is viewed or email read.
  • Track your views per country, day, month, etc.

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