Tooly organizes the Global Workforce.
We simplify the process making it universally accessible, usable, and convenient.

The purpose of Tooly’s web portal and mobile app is to offer an online global solution for employment.Employers can source quality employees, find their information, and strategically engage their future hires through sponsorship.The Tooly system uses AI algorithms and advanced analytics designed not only to provide candidates’ better job opportunities but also employers broader access to the global workforce. Tooly’s aim is to reach the masses in order to improve lives. How? We level the playing field by providing access and opportunity through advanced technology.


We have a policy of re-investing in our people offering in-house and external training and development backed up.


We are consistent in the way we act and how we treat our clients, candidates and each other.


We are not set in our ways. In this changing market place we move swiftly to meet the shifting demands


We continuously refine what we find smarter, more effective ways and better processes.

The Passion

We care passionately about the professional service we provide to our clients and candidates.


We strive to achieve The Standard in everything we do.

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How it Works

Geolocation and Tooly’s proprietary technology matches sponsors with qualified candidates who can apply for the corresponding visa, in real time, providing aswift solution to an endless problem - finding the right employee anywhere in the world and making sure they are qualified for the job. How it works is simple. Once contact is made, both parties agree to the terms. UsingTooly’s web portal to also access the visa technology, the correct documents are uploaded and the immigration process begins.Bymatching the occupational codes with the correct sponsor codes,Tooly’s proprietary technology solves a major issue for lawyers, HR, and employers.

The Tooly system encompasses the following:

  •  All H2A (Agriculture) candidates with no visa cap
  •  H2B (non-agriculture) jobs that are capped now at 66,000 visas per year
  •  H1B with total 65,000 for a bachelor degrees and 20,000 for a master’s degrees each year
  •  OPT jobs including STEM which cover all foreign students who want to gain on the job experience
  •  US/Canada Jobs - allowing the best of the best to help bolster the US/Canada economy
  •  J1 Visa covers a variety of jobs including nannies, caregivers, professor’s exchange, trainees, and internships
  •  EB3 for permanent jobs

Tooly in a Nutshell

The Tooly portal allows candidates to upload their written or video cover letters, resumes, education degrees, all certifications,a photo, and answera series of questions. The system performs an extensive background check. Immediately following the background check,Tooly’s analytics calculates and displays the occupational code for the candidate and narrows down to the type of visa for which he/she qualifies. It’s that easy! Tooly’s proprietary technology updates daily, remaining current on all immigration laws and requirements to ensure all options are available for candidates at all times.

Tooly also provides Tooly ID. Tooly ID identifies the candidate by the country of citizenship and the city of residence. Candidates may keep their ID as long as he/she is qualified to remain on the Tooly portal. Many algorithms have been developed and data processes selected to ensure each candidate’s experience is seamless. No inadmissibility issues will arise to jeopardize his/her visa to America or Canada. As for employers/sponsors, Tooly ID provides access to a huge number of eager candidates who are seeking a better salary, higher education, a better future for their family andan opportunity to follow their dreams.